Study Abroad

The Art History Program at BYU has an annual tradition of offering a Study Abroad program to Europe during spring term. This is an intense, but very rewarding experience of studying art and architecture in the rich museums of Europe and on-site in numerous churches, palaces, and archaeological sites. This is a unique opportunity to see and analyze numerous works of art and architecture – as much as we can – in Paris, London, Rome and other cultural centers. Everything possible is done to hold down costs and students are rewarded with what many will say was the most valuable learning experience of their education at BYU. If you are serious about a career in art history, this will be a necessary part of your educational training.

While each program tries to include visits to the major art centers of Europe, there is some variety in the choice of places included in each itinerary. The program in 2007 started in Rome and went to Florence, Ravenna, Venice, Milan, Berlin, the Netherlands, Belgium, Paris and London.  In 2010, the program began in Athens and continued on to Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Ravenna, Venice, Vienna, London, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Paris.

From time to time, individual faculty members are asked to direct or co-direct semester programs in London, Paris, Vienna and Italy.  Those who have directed such a program have made them as art history intensive as possible.

In addition to planning ahead and saving money, students can prepare for this experience by taking as many art history courses as possible – and by excelling in them. Most university scholarship funds can be applied directly to cover the cost of the program.