CLSCS430R Topics in Greek & Roman Hist

Prerequisites: Cl Cv 304-Hist 247 and Greek 201 (Greek topics) or Cl Cv 307-Hist 248 and Latin 201 (Roman topics).
Topics vary (e.g., rise of the Greek city-state, Greek political thought, classical historiography, Rome and the Etruscans, imperial Rome).

CLSCS490R Seminar in Classics

Prerequisites: Latin or Greek at 300-level as topic demands.
Combined topics in Greek and Latin (e.g., comparative epic poetry, classical tradition of criticism, Euripides and Seneca). Topics vary.

CLSCS497 Exit Exam

Prerequisites: CLSCS 397.
Capstone essay culminates undergraduate experience in posing, researching, and writing in consultation with an advisor. Oral exam tests familiarity with a standardized reading list of classical texts. Attendance at weekly lectures expands familiarity with broad questions in classical scholarship.

CLSCS690R Sem in Classics

Prerequisites: None.