Admission and Entry

  • Semesters of entry and application deadlines: Fall, March 1.
  • Entrance examination: GRE general test.
  • Prerequisite: baccalaureate degree in interdisciplinary humanities, comparative literature, Classics, English or a foreign language, art history, history, music, or philosophy; proficiency in at least one foreign language, demonstrated normally by completion of one upper-division literature course in the language.

Applicants for admission to the program in Comparative Studies should be aware that a writing sample is required in addition to other requirements set by the Graduate School, where the website should be consulted under “Programs” for further information on the Comparative Studies M.A. Applicants are welcome to discuss with faculty members (especially those familiar with their work or with whom they wish to study) the preparation of their application, in particular the statement of intent and the choice and revision of the writing sample.

Special Note: There is one period for enrollment in the M.A. program in Comparative Studies, September of each year; deadline for application is March 1 previous. Some students may wish to request that transfer, senior, and nondegree credit be applied toward the M.A. degree according to the criteria set down for such PBS credit as defined in the BYU Graduate Catalog. This request will be reviewed, and approved or rejected, by the graduate council of the department. However, students intending this course of action are strongly cautioned that to pursue PBS credit before admission to the M.A. program in no way favors their application for admission to the program; that, therefore, there is risk that, admission not being granted, expense and time will have gone for nothing. Students determined to incur this risk should submit a statement explaining their determination; if the statement indicates a practical and prudent intention, the graduate coordinator, in consultation with the graduate council, will appoint for the student a preliminary advisor.