Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

A degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities prepares a student for the following career paths:

  • Professional schools (this degree is widely considered one of the best preparations for law school, MBA programs, medical and dental schools, etc.)
  • Teaching in public and private schools (with the addition of a teaching certificate or an internship with Teach For America)
  • Entertainment and Digital Media fields (especially if combined with a minor in digital humanities or an internship in one of these areas)
  • Further graduate work in the humanistic disciplines such as English, Art History, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, etc. (with the objective of working in an academic field)
  • Employment in business, government, nonprofit organizations, tourism, and civil or foreign service (fields that will value your broad base of knowledge and then provide additional vocational training)
  • Museum, curatorial, archival, and library science fields (the MA programs for these fields value the skill sets of graduates)

Keep in mind that minors, internships, study abroad experiences, and mentoring opportunities are great ways to give a vocational direction to your Interdisciplinary Humanities degree.

The following articles may be of interest in helping students better understand just a few of the possibilities available to them. Additionally, please visit the college advisement center for the chance to discuss career plans on a more individualized level!

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