The Discipline

Classical Studies examine ancient Greek and Roman cultures—their languages, literature, history, religion, art, and philosophy. The major offers essential knowledge of philology, ancient history, archaeology, biblical studies, and the literary and cultural tradition of Western Europe, as well as traditional grounding in the Classics. Students acquire important foreign-language study skills that include careful reading, thoughtful writing, and persuasive speaking. Latin is the mother language not only of Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, but in a real sense of English as well. Its study will especially enhance one’s understanding of English vocabulary, grammar, and rhetorical structure.

Greek and Roman History

Classics has the responsibility for staffing and administering offerings in Greek and Roman history. Courses in these fields are offered under Classical Civilization, Classics, Greek, and Latin. Some of these courses are cross-listed with history, and several may count toward a history major. See the History section of the undergraduate catalog for details.

Classical Civilization

Classical Civilization courses presuppose no knowledge of the Greek or Latin languages and are open to all students. They are especially recommended for those who want to understand the ancient traditions underlying modern culture.