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AIMS colleagues share tips on teaching

The reception of classical texts in films and other screen media can result in new interpretations often with stunning insights. Tips for teaching AIMS texts can help you get to the stun and sharing the fun. Click on the links below for tips from AIMS scholars on their best practices in teaching classical antiquity in screen media.

Course Syllabi

A colleague's course outline can show you unexpected connections between AIMS texts or help shape the way you teach.
______ shares a recent syllabus from her popular course on Classics in Cinema at ________.
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How to clip video from DVD, Youtube, etc.

Clips from films are essential to making your point. Copyright laws allow teachers to transfer and share short clips from films they own. Vince Tomasso workshopped at 2016 F&H apps that facilitate video transfer.
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Share an outline or best hints?

If you have a teaching tip you would like to share, drop a note by email to AIMS.

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